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Nordstrom anniversary sale picks

It’s that time of the year! The Nordstrom Sale runs annually this time each year, and its the only time of the year where a substantial amount of brands go on sale all at the same time. If you’re craving a closet refresh, looking to freshen up a few home items, or even just restock on beauty & self-care essentials, then set you calendars.

Here is the deal for access this year...

But the good news? They have all of the items up for preview this year - so you can start adding everything to your cart and checkout when the sale opens for you.

I’ve gone ahead and rounded up my favorite picks per category, to hopefully give you a bit of guidance on the overwhelming amount of items. Please note that these are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission for each purchase made through the links below (at no additional cost to you!). But I think since I found them for you that’s a fair I right? Let’s do it!

Home Decor

Beauty & Skincare

Women's Clothing



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