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What does the e-design package include?

The e-design package is designed to give you everything you need to decorate your space on your own time. We'll start with an evaluation of your design style and any ideas you already have for the space, and you'll share photos and measurements so I can design the space to scale. You'll then be presented with two "design concepts" that show a few directions we could take the space. You'll pick your favorite, and provide any feedback to make the design perfectly fit your style. I'll create a final room design, floor plan, shopping list and any other recommendations for the space so you know exactly how to make the plan come to life!


What if I want more than what's offered in the package?

Then let's customize a package to your needs! Whether its adding a few more  design concepts, adding a video-call or in-person consultation, or doing two spaces at once... I can customize a package that meets all your needs. 


What if I don't like my designs?

The process is structured so that you're in the drivers seat. I make sure that I get to know you and your style from the moment we meet, and encourage you to provide any and all feedback along the way to ensure I absolutely nail the design. If in the end you're not satisfied, please reach out so I can make it right!


Do you provide local/in-person services?

Yes! This falls into the "hourly rate" category. If you're local and looking for some design help, please reach out and I can provide you a quote specific to your needs.

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