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Attic closet makeover

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One of the drawback of an old home? Closet space! We're lucky that we even have two closets in our master - but both are very small. Thankfully we have lots of extra space in the rest of the house, and the previous owners were smart enough to turn one of the spaces in the attic into a walk-in closet. I love having the extra space, but the bubblegum pink walls and faded yellow built in chests were not exactly my style. So with a little paint, some new storage solutions, and a few pops of gold I had it feeling like a whole new space.

Keep reading to see how I spruced up the space...

The space has sloped ceilings and a single window in the back - so it gets a good amount of natural light during the day. The hanging rack on the left side goes the length of the space, and there are built in chests on the right with four cubbies - perfect for storing t-shirts, sweaters, etc. in the off-season. My goals were to give the space a fresh look & also make the storage more functional for the types of things I would be keep there.

I was really inspired by the images below with the moody dark colors and pops of gold. I'm normally a very neutral nancy when it comes to paint - whites, grays, tans, etc. - but for space that probably only I was going to see, I wanted to go a little bolder.

I chose "Black Evergreen" by Behr for all of the vertical walls. For the sloped walls, I kept in neutral and used a creamy white. I had Home Depot match the Magnolia Home "Carter Creme" - one of my go-to creamy white colors - for sloped walls. For the built ins I used a more pure white in a high-gloss finish to match the trim, and added gold accents by replacing the handles & spraying the brackets. I also spray painted the outlet covers and a few command hooks to match - a simple update that makes a huge difference.

For storage, I originally wanted to build built ins into the two nooks underneath the sloped ceilings. But my old home had different plans. We couldn't find a single stud in the room - and because the walls are old plaster that probably hasn't been drilled into in 50 years, we decided that it wasn't worth the risk. I ended up finding two old cabinets on Facebook Marketplace that were of good quality and I knew I could make work in the space. Well, one worked just great, but the 2nd didn't fit in the other nook (this is why you should measure before you buy). I ended up cutting the 2nd one down the size and then reattaching the top. Once I secured it with brackets, caulked the edges, and painted the whole unit, you could hardly tell it wasn't always that size! I painted the shelves gold and adjusted them to the correct height to hold all (JK about 1/2) of my shoes.

I added a pop of additional color with the Hendesi Heriz Garnet Rug from Ruggable (pro tip: it's machine washable!) - and I love how it anchors the space (and also draws attention away from the ugly brown carpet that spans the entire 3rd floor). I grabbed my favorite thrifted wood + iron stool, purchased matching felt hangers, and moved in!

Although I wasn't able to do everything I wanted in the space, I love how it turned out. It's more functional + more beautiful, and that's exactly what I set out to do.

Drop your questions/thoughts/feedback in the comments below - I'd love to hear it!

Your forever friend,


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